digital solutions


Glassmaking will always remain our passion.
Sand, soda and lime are always our working materials of choice.
For HEINZ-GLAS, however, supplementing all this with bits and bytes is not a contradiction. But rather the way to opening a new dimension in glass.

TimesSquare, smARtglass and Virtual Designer:
three names, three building blocks of how HEINZ-GLAS is meeting the requirements of an increasing digitalized (beauty) world.

Times square

Launched in 2017, Times Square was the first step into the smart glass making future.
A digital perfume bottle with many facetts: story teller, memory keeper, messenger, picture frame, …

  • integrated 2.4‘‘ display and speaker
  • USB port for personalized media
  • rechargable
  • music, videos, pictures
  • refillable  through thread neck



Developing the next dimension of glass by using augmented reality.
Creating a unique product experience through additional sensory input.
Enabling new ways of product design and packaging

TimesSquare AR 


Virtual designer

Shape, glass colors, decoration, caps. Endless configuration options.
Make it real. Experience your creation true-to-life – through Augmented Reality

  • Exclusive HEINZ-GLAS service
  • Product configurator
  • Create complete packaging
  • App available for IOS and Android
  • Web-based version


Let your imagination run free.
Design a HEINZ-GLAS product just as you like.

Addicted to glass