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The company focuses on even more eco-solutions.

Despite the difficult year 2020 for business, HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo is implementing another strategically important investment this year. It goes with the leading consumer trends and the market demand for eco-packaging ,which is important in the cosmetics sector Heinz-Glas works closely with.

The reconstruction of the electric glass furnace has just started, which will allow the production of packaging from opal glass, flint glass, and PCR (Post Consumer Recycling Glass) - glass obtained from selective waste collection from the market. The carried out activities include the construction of a hall for the purposes of a glass furnace and investments in the most modern production equipment, allowing for any cullet composition. It is very important in the production of the so-called PCR glass, i.e. recycled glass, where the requirement is to contain at least 20% of cullet obtained from the market.

The production capacity of the new furnace will be from 20 to 50 tons of glass melting per day. What is important, it will be an energy-saving furnace, additionally, it will be powered with energy coming in 100% from renewable energy sources -  wind farms.

The multi-layer structure of the walls of the production hall will provide excellent sound insulation, and the installation of sound baffles at the roof vents will additionally reduce noise emission.

The investment in HGD is primarily aimed at rebuilding the production capacity and increasing the company's flexibility in adapting to changes and requirements on the glass cosmetic packaging market.

- Our ambition and the strategic goal of the company is to take into account the perspective of sustainable development, starting from minimizing the negative impact on the environment during the implementation of production processes, as well as making a positive contribution to the local community in which the company operates - says Bartosz Stentoft, President of the Management Board of HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo .

It is important not only in the economic context for it is obvious that the future belongs to companies that focus on sustainable development and those who concern for ecology itself and the resulting access to resources necessary in production processes. The social aspect is also extremely important - more and more employees, especially from the younger generations, are more willing to cooperate with companies that pay attention to the issue of ecology and taking care of proper working conditions.

HEINZ‐GLAS Działdowo is optimistic about the future, even though the current situation in Poland and in the world is still difficult. The pandemic has taught us to respond flexibly and adapt our offer

to the current needs of customers. Operating according to the strategy of small steps, in full readiness to react quickly to changing realities, we hope for a quick return to "post-pandemic" normality - convinces Bartosz Stentoft, President of HEINZ‐GLAS Group Polska.


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