Generation change at HEINZ-GLAS GROUP

Carletta Heinz took over the position of CEO from Carl-August Heinz

On July 1, 2020, Carletta Heinz took over the CEO function of the group from her father Carl-August Heinz and continues the family business in the 13th generation.
Carl-August Heinz managed the HEINZ-GLAS Group for 43 years and has agreed to be available as a consultant for the time being, due to the current situation.
Carl-August Heinz: “Carletta, as my daughter, as well as my successor in the company management, I wish you much luck and joy, over hopefully good and happy processes, for strength in unfortunate outcomes of plans and decisions made, happiness and courage to keep looking forward in case of setbacks.”
Carletta Heinz: “On this way and on a given occasion also here again my greatest thanks and highest respect to you, dear Dad for your achievements of the last 50 years and thus for your life’s work! I am proud to be able to follow such footsteps and will do my best to fill them and continue on our path! Thank you, also, that despite your retirement, you will continue to advise the company and I for a while. I would have really granted you a quieter pension and hope that you will be able to start and enjoy it, in full, next year at the latest!


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