Mascara & Lipgloss

Designing Beyond Boundaries

Raising Design to Unseen Heights

In a landscape where design is king, Heinz-Glas reigns supreme as the ultimate fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Our mastery of glass and design isn't just theoretical; it's a living, breathing testament to what's possible when passion and expertise converge.

Amplified Base

Our designs boast an extended stand area, perfectly marrying form and function. Experience unmatched convenience with a secure, steadfast foundation that beautifully interacts with light, making each product an aesthetic wonder.


Vertical Metamorphosis of Form

Prepare for a visual transformation as we redefine aesthetics through captivating geometric profiles. These innovative shapes aren't just visually striking; they amplify the inherent qualities of glass, dancing with reflections and refractions to create an ever-changing visual symphony.


Excellent glass and unique brushes

Our excellence in fiber brush productions started in 1960: Ever since, GEKA has been working on the perfect twisted wire brush to fit the needs of the liquid cosmetics industry. We manufacture Mascara brushes using our exclusive, and patented fiber filaments and refining them with patented brush cut techlologies. Add different high quality fibers, a range of fiber colors, brush grinds and shapes to create over 600 outstanding designs, which fit the viscosity and the desired application of the mascara.


Discover our groundbreaking innovation in the realm of mascara! With Heinz-Glas, you not only benefit from rapid availability but also get access to our high-speed production. Your options for decoration are limitless, from spraying techniques to metallization and printing. While there are inherent constraints when it comes to glass shapes, we continually strive to push these boundaries, approaching the maximum achievable. We place a strong emphasis on quality and precision, much like crafting a cut diamond. Heinz-Glas is the place where innovation and elegance find their home.


The Family

The design elements of the mascara have been seamlessly transferred to the lip gloss, creating a harmonious design family that captures the essence of elegance and style.

About Geka

"We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of innovative, high-precision beauty application solutions including mascara, lip gloss, concealer, micro brushes, and beauty tools.

With a strong heritage dating back to 1925, we provide a vast range of impressive brushes, applicators, a wide range of beauty accessories as well as complete packaging systems, all of which can be delivered fully finished and ready for sale. Our product portfolio comprises solutions for mascara, eyebrow products, lip gloss, eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, liquid foundation, and concealer, as well as fully finished products. In addition, we design, develop, and source all types of beauty accessories such as cosmetic brushes, powder puffs, sponges, hair products, and massage items. We have an established global presence and provide our customers with a combination of global reach supported by a local presence for direct and immediate access, feedback, and solutions."

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